..harmony on hunterhill

..harmony on hunterhill

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Unfurl the Italian flag

As is approaches week 2, round 2, party 2 of the unofficial G.E.M.F festival....ayipayipa, we welcome a man, well some say he's a man, some say god-like figure...i find it best to describe him as a cloud personified. This is a man of Cumulonimbus stature in the world of techno. Cumulonimbus defined as a type of cloud that is dark, dense, and involved in thunderstorms and other inclement weather, they create lightning through the heart of the cloud and can further develop into a supercell (a severe thunderstorm with special features). Now that may be an understatement for the Italian Gladiator but its the  best I can come up with on a Wednesday morning during my coffee break.
This week its Pressure's turn to throw their best ingredient into the GEMF cauldron of musical delight, and they haven't disappointed. Recently featured on Radio One's Essential Mix, Naples's finest and one of my own personal top 3 DJ's (after both mind-blowing sets at la cierre, amnesia closing October 09 & 10)  ...Signor Marco Carola a a a aaaaahhhh

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