..harmony on hunterhill

..harmony on hunterhill

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

...G.E.M.F welcomes Chilean royalty

Wooosh, PING!---------->Week 3 already, ahaaa its time for G.E.M.F to move it up a gear, 2 days of unadulterated mayhem in prospect. Recovery achieved and after the positive devastation created by Marco Carola last week at Pressure, best summed up by the Ned in the toilet "that bald cunts bangin eh!" its time to introduce Chilean royalty. Not involved in the mining accident but if he was would have used his raw creative talent to blast an exit route with consummate ease (no doubt). We're moving into the BIG BOYS playground, dishing out the shmoakes and hoggin the swing is a man that if underground music earned you royal status he would be addressed as: Lord Ricardo Villalobos O.B.E - L.T.E.R. As a young boy ricardo mastered the conga and bongo drums aged 10 so if you dont like drums, bass or general healthy beats - PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND and leave your ticket at the door under R. T. Carmichael - much obliged. (looking for an extra 2 if anyone can help...) So self promotion out the way thats not all this Friday ..OH NO... G.E.M.F just keeps giving.
If you are among one of the unlucky non-ticket holders or a complete fruit-cake and not into Villalobos then Tic-Tac-Toe are hosting Art Department in The Arches Cafe Bar, responsible for two of last years biggest underground records "without you" and "vampire nightclub" ....so may our paths intertwine and here's to G.E.M.F (friday) and in the words of Jerry Lee Lewis "be bop a lula".

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