..harmony on hunterhill

..harmony on hunterhill

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Week Fünf...

So this week, we finally welcome back Oner Ozur to Glasgow as the Bigfoots Tea Party have their contribution to the acclaimed G.E.M.F festival. Having not played in Glasgow since Pressure 3/4 years ago when I last saw him, this announcement got me very excited. Onur Ozer hails from the Turkish capital of Istanbul and is responsible for re-igniting the Turkish club scene in the late 90's. Bigfoots Tea Party has been one of my most favourite Glasgow parties over the last year and now its time for the Bigfoots family to take over the hallowed depths of the Sub Club. Who knows whats in store when these guys put their wizards capes on and cast spells of  outlandish decor blended with quirky suprises.

Moving in to Saturday we welcome a man who I have said prayers for at night, that some one brings him to Glasgow. Another Italian M_nus colossus on the bill but my personal favourite of the ENTIRE 5 weeks Signor Fabrizio Maurizi...vai vai! After missing him play at the London M_nus party last May due to a 2 hour que outside of Ministry I have felt the shooting pains ever since. Two of my most played podcasts of all time belong to this supreme being (ibiza voice & soundwall - download now). Thank you to the Kollektiv Glasgow boys we can all enjoy the musical delights of this man this Saturday. Now in order for your G.E.M.F experience to be complete it is essential that you attend the pre party for this event which is located in Lost Souls bar (the old republic uber lounge/bier hoffe) 1 floor up just off sauchiehall street towards bath street (arcoss from Diechman Shoes (as if anyone even has a clue where that is, just look out for the Kollektiv banner) where myself and james dinning (the strays) will be providing the perfect build up to Kollektiv night (hopefully, you make that decision).

So "this is the end" .....reaction to follow

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