..harmony on hunterhill

..harmony on hunterhill

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Unfurl the Italian flag

As is approaches week 2, round 2, party 2 of the unofficial G.E.M.F festival....ayipayipa, we welcome a man, well some say he's a man, some say god-like figure...i find it best to describe him as a cloud personified. This is a man of Cumulonimbus stature in the world of techno. Cumulonimbus defined as a type of cloud that is dark, dense, and involved in thunderstorms and other inclement weather, they create lightning through the heart of the cloud and can further develop into a supercell (a severe thunderstorm with special features). Now that may be an understatement for the Italian Gladiator but its the  best I can come up with on a Wednesday morning during my coffee break.
This week its Pressure's turn to throw their best ingredient into the GEMF cauldron of musical delight, and they haven't disappointed. Recently featured on Radio One's Essential Mix, Naples's finest and one of my own personal top 3 DJ's (after both mind-blowing sets at la cierre, amnesia closing October 09 & 10)  ...Signor Marco Carola a a a aaaaahhhh

Monday, 21 February 2011

GEMF week uno

Week one, round one, fiesta numero uno complete ...wooosh its been and gone. Its fair to say raresh delivered the goodies, put out the bins and tore a new hole in the atmosphere all in a little under 3 hours, impressive stuff. Take a bow... all involved, raresh, sensu, sub club and those joyous faces in attendance. So Romanian appetiser gobbled its time to select a mature Italian wine to accompany this musical feast...up next "a man who single handedly built the Italian techno scene" some say Napoli would still be without running water if it wasn't for Glasgow's next guest. Four days time Pressure welcomes Marco Carola into the GEMF banquet.....buon appetito

Friday, 18 February 2011

ra ra raa reshhh...

oh yes oh yes oyesoyesoYES...the unofficial GEMF festival kicks off today in style (Glasgow smiles better) ...and in a little under 12 hours time the Sub Club courtesy of the Sensu boys opens with a Romanian superstar. One third of ar-pi-ar, Ra ra ra resh is coming to town. This is one not to be missed, having seen him spin a few records to a rapturous daytime circoloco crowd (the most demanding crowd) in the outside terrace for DC10 closings 2009...in the words of michael buffer lets get ready to rumble.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

...so let the games begin!

For the next 5 weeks Glasgow's club scene is going to resemble Ibiza in mid summer, rival Berlin for big name DJs and have an atmosphere on par with Tahir Square, Cairo. Some of the most enigmatic producers and record spinning wizards are set to grace the Glasgow stage. The unofficial Glasgow electronic music festival 2011(G.E.M.F which i propose to be an annual event) kicks off this Friday and will include the likes of raresh, marco carola, ricardo villalobos, heartthrob, art department, fabrizio maurizi, andrew weatherall, onur ozer, damian lazarus.....jee whizz. Excitement, wet nickers and nerves all round. So this week is certainly the calm before the storm and in preperation, its ronhills on and round the block, granny annie's home cooking and gallons of berocca. Gladiator's stamina and an investment banker's wallet are going to be required but this is the pinnacle of the Glasgow club scene/underground scene, whatever you want to call it....and im poised like a greyhound in the trap, yaldy bags galore!

Friday, 11 February 2011

..villalobos one of the best?

...agree agree agree, craig richards talking complete sense about one of my favourite DJs. Due soon to grace the sub club thanks to sensu. The exception however is when ricardo's playing and partying too much i.e monza closing party, ibiza september, 2010 b2b with cassey, cassey carried him through. Friends who were working in Ibiza all summer were very dissapointed with him last year and i witnessed this at the closings... go 'easylee' on the partying ricardo.

fr fr friday plans...

...so fr fr friday, on the cards this weekend: 1st stop a cheerie bye for ando - jersey bound for the "warmest place on the british isles". Then craig richards@subclub - a fabric legend, yesoyeso yes! The trickmeister general and rondog in the warm up...excited about this much.Then into sarahs 30th YES THIRTIETH birthday saturday night in the courtyard, a place i thought would never be re-visited, a place which has harvested the best times of my life and has now also in a sharp twist of fate, chewed them up and spat them right out... have you seen the place recently...yuk yuk yuk all decorum 'oot the windae', some glasgow gangster has got his hands on the keys and spent a few beans in ikea to re-decorate and kindly invited every bam, jake & reprobate this side of possil to attend. Swung by last weekend for a brief recce and was greeted by 25 set of gums, 3 teeth between them. Happy hardcore and scouse house the genres of choice on the jukebox ...uh oh!

Thursday, 10 February 2011

a start...

...finally time to put finger to key and tell of the long exaggerated truths, twisted tales and valiant voyages one has been involved with in recent times, focusing on the positives and disregarding the negatives (ever the optimist). Inspired by a true wizard (personal hero) and his "a few things from ivan smagghe" blog I thought it about time to start archiving stories before all is forgotten... so a year in the life of oor robert...