..harmony on hunterhill

..harmony on hunterhill

Friday, 11 February 2011

fr fr friday plans...

...so fr fr friday, on the cards this weekend: 1st stop a cheerie bye for ando - jersey bound for the "warmest place on the british isles". Then craig richards@subclub - a fabric legend, yesoyeso yes! The trickmeister general and rondog in the warm up...excited about this much.Then into sarahs 30th YES THIRTIETH birthday saturday night in the courtyard, a place i thought would never be re-visited, a place which has harvested the best times of my life and has now also in a sharp twist of fate, chewed them up and spat them right out... have you seen the place recently...yuk yuk yuk all decorum 'oot the windae', some glasgow gangster has got his hands on the keys and spent a few beans in ikea to re-decorate and kindly invited every bam, jake & reprobate this side of possil to attend. Swung by last weekend for a brief recce and was greeted by 25 set of gums, 3 teeth between them. Happy hardcore and scouse house the genres of choice on the jukebox ...uh oh!

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