..harmony on hunterhill

..harmony on hunterhill

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

BLAH Iiitts Bbback!

After a brief interlude, iiits baaack...uh oh, unadulterated, premium grade A drivel with no common purpose! In the midst of watching "my life as a turkey" on BBC 2 - "bioloigist joe hutto who raised 13 endangered wild turkeys from eggs to the day they left home." A moment of clarity, i remembered there was an outlet for times like this.

Its been a gooooooood summer thus far, festival filled, new subclub/cocoon flag commissioned, weddings galore, paris (graveyard sessions), berlin(panorma wins, galluzzi wins), even managed to bag a new female companion with like minded views on living the bohemian rackity lifestyle that one has become accustomed to "long tall sally".

This week a break from the norm.... "weekend aff it" (kind of) and through to the nation's captial for The Fringe and Desperados events. A must see show from last year is "Toby - Lucky" at The Attic in Edinburgh. Clubbing/Party calander/views/reviews to follow....

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